Professional Event Photography Dorset

Book a professional prom photographer in Dorset

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Don’t have problems – book a professional prom photographer in Dorset

There are some important things to consider when choosing a photographer for your school prom.

A prom photographer will have a studio set-up to take shots of couples and groups, in fact whatever you want, and they should also be able to take photos of you arriving in your stretched Limo.

Professional Event Photography Dorset

Professional Event Photography Dorset

You want your prints there and then, you don’t want to be waiting 3 or 4 weeks for them to arrive in the post. Your photographer should allow you to view and choose the images you want – it is your prom.

You can choose to pre-pay for a photo for everybody and include the cost in the price of the tickets (you can save some money here), pay for your own individual prints and buy them from the Internet afterwards. Most photographers will attend your prom free of charge.

Prom season is busy so you need to book your photographer well in advance – the best are always booked up first.

There are rules and regulations about electrical safety and the amount of space your photographer needs but again a professional photographer will sort out all of this with the venue allowing you to get on and enjoy your prom. Photographers will not be allowed into the venue if they do not have the correct paperwork.

You need to give the following info;

  • Prom date and and start time
  • Name and address of where the prom will be
  • How many people will be at the prom
  • The contact details of the organiser

You need to have somebody you can trust to give you great prints at a great price and be a part of the fun of your prom – It is what we do so book a professional, book us. Mike Weeks has been a professional photographer for many years and regularly gives seminars teaching other photographers how to photograph proms – book somebody that knows what they are doing and have fun.

jump if you are having fun at your Prom

jump if you are having fun at your Prom


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