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Pony Club Photographer Dorset

We have providing on-site photography at equestrian events including pony club events for a number of years. We are used to challenges and the variety of disciplines such as show jumping and dressage. We provide on-site printing and viewing and images are available later from our gallery. We cover all Eventing and one day trials.

Pony Club Photographer - Show Jumping

Pony Club Photographer – Show Jumping

Pony Club Camp photography

You have found the experts. Photographs can have club logos and dates added. We can also add rider and pony names as well. This makes a special memento of their pony club camp.

Dorset Pony Club Photography

Dorset Pony Club Photography

We will happily come and spend the day with you and your camp attendees. This will allow us to get some casual shots along with the action of the day.  It is as simple as letting us know what you want and then we do our best to provide it.

One Day Event

Organising a a Pony Club one day event? Then you will want somebody that can cover the dressage, show jumping and cross country photography. We can do that, and using wireless the images are transmitted back for instant viewing.

Pony Club Camp Photographer

Pony Club Camp Photographer

We will cover all the disciplines of the event starting with the Dressage. Progressing to the Show Jumping and finishing with the Cross Country. We can also produce team and club group photographs. These can have the club or branch logo included. We can add rider and pony names as well if desired.

More about the pony club from the pony club website. More about our equestrian photography.

We are experienced pony club photographers so if you need somebody to photograph your event please contact us. You can call now on 07951 926304

All of our equipment is safety checked. WE have CRB checked staff.