seo for photographers
seo for photographers

seo for photographers

SEO for Photographers, everybody has to learn new skills and search engine optimisation is an area that has interested me. Is it an art, or is it a science, personally I reckon that it is a mixture of the two.

I have read literally hundreds of articles and some information is consistent amongst them and it is such info that I have selected and used and written about here. It is however a bit like a moving target so just when you think you understand it something new develops.

I have covered this from a pure coding point but also from a WordPress users aspect.

SEO for Photographers – The Articles

Part 1 – Good Links Rankings depend on a number of factors and incoming links is an important one, so how should those links be coded?

Part 2 – Website Names Keywords in domain names or not, and what are stop words?

Part 3 – Sex Sells The bait and getting the bite. Your site also ranks based in part on visitor  figures so getting and keeping visitors is important.

Part 4 – Keywords What makes a good keyword and how to find the most appropriate keywords for your pages and posts.

Part 5 – Keywords II Where on the page should your chosen keywords appear and how often?

Part 6 – Yoast WordPress offers many plugins to help with SEO but for me the No.1 choice is Yoast.

Part 7 – Speed Matters People do not wait for a page to load and neither does Google so what can you do about it?

Part 8 – Important Codes It pays to understand what your server is telling Google and to control what it is saying

Part 9 – Am I Indexed? So you have done all the work and you want to know if your site is being spidered and then indexed.

Part 10 – Top 12 Tips Wrapping up the articles published so far here are the top dozen tips to help with your rankings.

Part 11 – Clearing the errors When you change your site to improve the SEO you could also cause problems, so here is how to find and rectify them.

Part 12 – CTR & Bounce Rate So they find you in the search results so why are they not coming to your page or staying there when they visit?

I am sure that there is more that could be done to improve SEO for photographers so as I get the chance to develop such information I will add it here. You could also have a look at Wikipedia to see what it says.