Corporate Branded Photograph - Viral Marketing

Gangnam Style Viral Marketing

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Viral Marketing, the buzz word of today’s business, some say it just happens, some say it is manufactured but one thing is for sure that a lot of effort went into the Gangnam Style hit of 2012.

We all want to get our customers engaged with our business and there is no such thing as bad publicity as they say. A great example of this is the current series of Go Compare adverts where the advertising agency has taken their annoying “star” of their adverts and he is now the target of revenge by some well known personalities.

I do not profess to be a marketing expert, I am a photographer first and foremost but with a little help I can see what is possible so I am going to let the experts at the 10 Yetis Blog explain how they dissected the Gangnam style phenomenon.

Finally, our 6 Golden Rules to Creating a Successful Viral Campaign:

1. Have a final goal in mind (likes, shares, sales leads, entering new territory)

2. Organically grow a large seeding platform of engaged followers (online and database driven)

3. Create content that is engaging & shareable and crosses social/economic/language boundaries

4. Tease to known fanatics and early adopters

5. Have a plan to reignite the campaign along the way (media)

6. Have an exit strategy/cease the campaign, leaving people wanting more

So step 1, you have a product or service and you want to promote it and the golden rule is that your customer needs to see something 3 times over a short space of time preferably in different formats

Step 2 is growing a platform of users and one of the easiest ways is to put you and your product where those users are going to be such as a night club for a youthful audience or a supermarket for a more family oriented target.

Step 3 is where we come in with event photography, your targets have seen you in their environment (seen once), we provide onsite printing with our pop-up studio and we generate some fun images for them to take home using props and possibly green screen technology, all overlaid with corporate branding (seen twice) and lastly we provide you with all the images and potentially video ready to upload to Social Media such as Facebook and Youtube again it is all corporately branded.

Step 4 is your chance to interact, offer rewards etc. and you will be on your way to steps 5 and 6.

The following is an example that we produced during a 6 day spell at Photokina, the worlds largest photographic show.

Corporate Branded Photograph - Viral Marketing

Corporate Branded Photograph – Viral Marketing

Now it is also possible to play about, add in product images, in fact anything you want, after all we need to get your message out there. This was a simple on-site montage but with a bit of planing anything is possible.

Corporate montage image

Corporate montage image

We can’t promise to deliver viral marketing on the scale of Gangnam style but we will do our best to help you at a reasonable price.