green screen photographer dorset

Top 10 things Green Screen Photography can allow you to do

In Green Screen Photography Dorset by mike weeks

A Green Screen Photographer can offer you photography that is virtually impossible for other photographers to provide you with. We can offer experiences that it would be impossible to achieve any other way.

Top 10 Things Green Screen Photography Can Do

  • 1. Ever believed a man can fly? Where do you want to fly, Metropolis or Manhattan, the sky is your limit.
  • 2. Dive to the bottom of the Ocean and swim with the fishes, no submarine needed.
  • 3. Fly on a magic carpet and no pilots licence required
  • 4. Thriller, dance in a graveyard at midnight – a great idea for Halloween
  • 5. Walk on the moon or travel to outer space without waiting for blast off
  • 6. Ski down a mountain without getting cold
  • 7. Get chased by a Dinosaur without having to visit Jurassic park
  • 8. Surf the biggest waves without getting your feet wet
  • 9. Visit the Wild West, but be careful you don’t end up on a wanted poster
  • 10. Be a fairy or a pirate in a magical land

and you can do all of those without breaking a sweat and hollywood has been at it for years and so have we.

green screen photographer dorset

green screen photographer dorset

Corporate Green Screen Photography

Do you wish to demonstrate new premises, facilities or vehicles? We can place you or your customers there. Young and old, and everybody in between are always fascinated by what chromakey photography can offer.

Not only can we transport you, your staff and your clients, we can also offer corporate branding and information. add your logo,  no problem, personalised message? absolutely. Pens run out, the sweets get eaten but people keep their photographs so what could be a better way of keeping your name in front of potential clients?

We are entertainment and corporate gifts all wrapped in to one. You will be surprised at the great value service we can offer.

If you want to know more about corporate green screen photography then please get in contact.