Equestrian Art Montage

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When is an equestrian photograph more than just a photograph of a horse? Answer: when it becomes part of an art piece such as one of our Equestrian Art Montages

Equestrian Art Montage

The more control we have at the image taking stage the easier it is to create your montage. Always great to consider the finished result when doing a rider and horse or stable session, in fact this is not just limited to horses. We could create a fantastic sportrait of just about any sport.

Sportrait – A sporting portrait

If we can create fine art equestrian images, we can also create fine art football sportraits

Football Sportrait Montage

So for something different, think DorsetPhotoEvent, we cover all sorts of events from Weddings to Equestrian, Prom to Dog Agility and just about any other photographic work you can think of.