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Event Photographer

What is an Event Photographer? Well for many years I had been an active event photographer, and not even known it. Like many involved in photography I have professional qualification. My qualification is with the British Institute of Professional Photography. I have received professional training in such things as wedding photography and portrait photography. Event photographers have the knowledge of lighting, posing and capturing the action. In this we are just like other professional photographers.

Event Photographer Dorset

Event Photographer Dorset

What sets us apart is the knowledge and equipment to produce high quality prints on site almost instaneously. Digital photography means we can now send images across vast distances. We can do this at an equestrian cross country course for example. The images often arriving back at the sales point, long before the rider and horse do. I use the very latest in viewing systems which means that you get to see all the images at your own pace. Those images can be ordered in a variety of formats, and on a number of products to take with you.


Photobooths have become very popular in recent times due to the instant nature of the prints. We have been doing that as well for years. The advantage that we offer is that you have a professional photographer that can pose you offering great portraits at any event. If you want the feather boas, big glasses and funny hats we have those as well.

Corporate Photography

Would you like to offer your guests or clients a personalised momento, with corporate branding? Working with you we can offer instant printing incorprating you branding, message or logo. This can be on a range of photographic products that you can presented at your corporate events.

Green Screen Photography

Green Screen photography, or chromakey photography allow us to transport you to wherever you want. Using the magic that the weather girls use we can drop you on to any back ground. Fancy a trip to outer space? Maybe it is the pyramids or you want to place people in a place not yet built. We can do it as you watch. Great fun at parties or business events, so let your imagination run riot.

Green Screen Photographer

Green Screen Photographer

So the question is not what we provide, but where and when you want us to provide it. Just contact us. Tell us when you need an event photographer.  Where do you need event photography? We can provide national coverage.