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SEO for Photographers Top 12 Tips

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SEO for Photographers top 10 tips to help you get your website up the Google rankings.

#Content – “Content is King”. write for the reader, not for Google and if what you write is interesting they will stay on your site and hopefully proceed to your booking or contact form. Content is the most important aspect of SEO for Photographers.

#Plan – A couple of good quotes
“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin
Good SEO rarely just happens, it takes good planning and implementation.

#Keywords – Keywords are your bait, use keywords that people will use to search for you. Use them in site and page URLs, use them in links to your sites. If you use the wrong bait you will not attract any bites.

#Links – One of the major factors in obtaining good SEO for photographers is obtaining good relevant links. Remember if everybody is saying “look there is a duck”, Google is probably going to believe it is a duck.

#Titles – Page title tags are a major factor in getting a good ranking, use relevant keywords, do not use site name and the title on each page and post should be different. Titles must relate to the content of the page or post.

#Code – Make sure that you use the right code, just like poor writing skills which will make many lose interest in what they are reading, poor coding could make Google lose interest in what it is reading.

#Regular – Create a pattern of postings, make them regular, better to post once a week for 10 weeks, than 10 postings in one week and then nothing for 3 months.

#Images – Google loves images so make sure you use the ALT tag and give then good relevant keywords but do not spam them.

#Speed – Users and Google both hate slow loading pages. Optimise your code and content to ensure that you do not lose their interest.

#Current – Make sure you monitor your website as your ranking position will change, just as Google changes it’s ranking algorithm. Keep up to date with current best SEO practice – new features and functionality are constantly added and if you are not current your rankings will drop.

#Relate – Link to other sites that relate to the content, you are demonstrating that consistent image that you are trying to inform as opposed to spam.

#Sitemaps – Tell the major search engines when you add new content and a great way to do this is to update the sitemap. There are many plugins that auto update and ping the search engines.

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SEO for Photographers - the target

SEO for Photographers – the target

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