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SEO for Photographers – Part 9 – Am I Indexed

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Part 9 of SEO for Photographers considers if the effort has been worthwhile? Is your site getting indexed on Google?

I can check whate pages are indexed on Google by searching for the following;

but what I really want to know is are the pages about SEO for for Photographers being indexed, so I use the actual keyword phrase or title of the document, such as; “SEO for photographers”

You can carry out the search for any phrase against any site.

You can also see how many links there are to my site I can use;


This can again be refined into those relevant to the SEO for Photographers;

link: “SEO for Photographers”

and if you want to see Google last cached version of a site it would be like this;

and if you want to see similar pages to your site there is the related search;

My SEO for Photographers

One of the great things about doing a series of articles like this is that it makes you look in depth at what you are doing yourself. Things such as are the plugins I am using really the best?

I have  used a couple of plugins to track what search engine spiders actually visit my site and what pages they are visiting. Some changes you make could have a dramatic effect on the amount of visits to your site. More importantly some of the plugins you are using may not have been updated for a long time and therefore you are missing out on information.

Google Analytics does not track the search engine spiders, so a plugin is the only way to do it. I have just started using a new one called NewStatPress and it is far more than a spider tracker, giving you a lot of what is in Google Analytics as well – as it is so new to me I am still learning it but it looks useful. The image following shows the different spiders crawling my site.

SEO for Photographers - Track spiders

SEO for Photographers – Track spiders

However of even more interest is the spy bot page which shows exactly which page of your site has been crawled by the spiders.

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