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Dorset Prom Photography 2016 – Book Your Prom Photographer NOW

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School Prom Photographer 2016 we are now taking bookings across Dorset, Hampshire, Devon and Wiltshire. Prom Photography can not be repeated so you need the services of a professional photographer  who understands that and here are 4 reasons why it should be us;

  • We use professional equipment
  • All Equipment is Safety checked (many venues check safety certificates)
  • We are professionally insured (again checked by venues so don’t get caught out)
  • We take great photos

(We prefer venues that operate in a safe and professional manner and they will only let us work because we provide them with insurance and safety check details)

School Prom Photographer

We have been photographing proms for a number of years and we look forward to welcoming back our regulars this year as well as being available for new customers.

School Prom Photographer 2016

School Prom Photographer 2016

We offer on site printing up to 12″ x 8″ –  and all images purchased will have a free copy uploaded to Facebook that you can tag and share with family and friends – we also offer pre-pay packages at great savings over our standard prices. Our standard prices also offer great value for professional photography – you can go cheap but we have seen the disasters and would hate for you to be disappointed.

School Prom Photobooth

If you are looking for a photo booth to add to your prom we have partnered with a great local provider to add even more fun and fun is what we are about. Yes we want you to be able to fun and formal images. Please contact for special offers

Dorset Prom Photographer

Dorset Prom Photographer

We are happy to provide coverage across Dorset, Hampshire, Devon and Wiltshire. We can also ensure you get a great prom photographer if you live further away. We are part of a network of the countrys best prom photographers. We only recommend people we trust.

School Prom Photographer Dorset

School Prom Photographer Dorset

So what do you want from your prom photographer? Contact us now and we can provide you with advertising leaflets for all those attending. Having a themed Prom? We can work with you to add something extra to the party such as green scree. So what are you waiting for? Contact me to ensure you get a great Prom Photographer Dorset.

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