seo for photographers

SEO for Photographers

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Search Engine Optimisation – SEO for Photographers

seo for photographers

seo for photographers

Photographers are no different to anybody else that wants to get to number 1 on Google, so SEO for photographers is no different than search engine optimisation for anybody else. I am not professionally involved with web design but I have had a lot of success in achieving good rankings for a number of websites. You can of course just search google.

We can break the problem down in to 2 areas, on site and off site. On site is the things that you do on your own website and off site is the information that brings people to your site from elsewhere.

I call this the theory of the duck;

Google looks at onsite SEO like this, if it looks like a Duck, waddles like a Duck and quacks like a Duck then it probably is a Duck. That is your job then to make your site look like a duck and waddle & quack like a duck.

Off site SEO means that everybody else is saying, look it’s a Duck or words to that effect i.e. within the text that links to the website we will use many different terms that are duck related. Now I want links to my site that are related to how I want Google to see me but importantly they should not all be the same so instead of just adding in keywords so that we have Dorset Event Photographer or Event Photography Dorset make a much more rounded picture for Google.

The code would look like this <a href=””>Dorset Event Photographer</a>

These links should be built up naturally, in fact they reckon that Google looks with suspicion when the links appear too quickly. Yes you can buy links on the Internet but they know about this (link farms) and the same with link circles which will do you harm, however exchanging the occasional relevant link is fine. Many believe that a greater value will be put on links that come from domains that are relevant to you, which for me would be links from domains about Dorset and about Photography.

I intend to write a number of articles that demonstrate the basic principles that I use and I will be using those principles in the articles to optimise each posting. I will also look at some of the things that certain plugins in WordPress allow you to do. So if you want to know more about SEO for photographers sign up to my RSS feed with your feed reader.

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