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SEO for Photographers – Part 2 – Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO for Photographers – Part 2

seo for photographers

seo for photographers

SEO for photographers is not rocket science,  for the most part it is common sense. Google likes good content, in fact you will read by many SEO articles that content is king. The trick is to write good content that a reader will enjoy and then optimise it for the search engines. Do not fall in to the trap of writing for search engines. This is really important SEO for photographers.

Search Engine Optimisation Step 1

The first step should be to plan our website and the first stage of that is the website name. If you follow any blogs about SEO you will have seen that 2012 was one of Google’s busiest years. There were a large number of algorithm updates. You may have heard of the Panda update, well in reality there were many Panda updates.

One of the updates took action against keyword domains where the web master chooses a domain name that is rich with keywords that are not necessarily relevant to their content. If however you really want to be found for Drakes Bottom Wedding Photographer then could be the right site for you. As long as your contents is then relevant to Drakes Bottom and Wedding photography you will receive no penalty.

Notice the use of the hyphens between words, you do not need them as Google will recognise the words. Sites like or could benefit from suitably placed hyphens. or .com? Google recognises that a site is UK based whereas you would have to tell it via its web-master tools that you are UK based. Many believe that if everything else is equal that for a UK site should rank above the .com version.

When you add new pages to the site you then follow the principle of keeping them keyword rich. If we want to rank for the Big Posh House wedding venue we could create the page (or blog entry) There are words that you might not want to use which are known as stop words such as “and”, “or”, “for”. These add little or no value in search terms.

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