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SEO for Photographers – Part 3 – Sex Sells

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SEO for Photographers Part 3

seo for photographers - sex sells

seo for photographers – sex sells

In this third part of seo for photographers I will be telling you how I lied to you and conned you for my benefit. Okay it was not really a lie but there is a third factor, not just on site seo and off site seo. The third part is getting traffic to your site, and more importantly keeping them there.

It was also not a con, as I am actually trying to give you what I said I would. By telling you that it was a con I probably got you interested to read on, I don’t want to lose you. Do not use words to get people to your site that are not relevant. Sex is an example of a very popular keyword and lots of people will click on a link with the word sex. This is why I used the term sex sells in the title.

In your case I used the term SEO which is very sexy if you are a photographer that wants to climb the Google rankings. In fact I sexed it up to “SEO for photographers” just to hook you. What is sexy is very different for different people, just think of marketing terms “cheap”, “exclusive”,  “quality” and importantly “free”.

I also went one stage further and thought where could I attract the most people with the phrase SEO for photographers? This is the trick with marketing, put something interesting where the right people will see it. You can put your links anywhere and hopefully Google will find them but try to get them where your target audience will see them.

Back to the Duck, which is better “smelly rubbery duck” or “crispy aromatic duck”? It is like fishing, pick the right bait and put it where the fish are.

Feeling conned? I hope not as that is a lot good tricks, warts and all, that should help you.

I want you to stay

You should now understand why I included the code for a link to these seo for photographers articles – if you actually used them it would get me more traffic as well as good inbound links. The same with getting you signed up for my RSS feed. If I am doing the job well you will read on to part 4, 5 & 6. Google will see you on the site and following the links, and that is good. Make sure you take people on a journey on your site, especially to the booking page. Make sure you do nothing that will make them leave.

Google tracks what you do on my site via a small piece of code from Google, which is Google Analytics. In fact if you have a Google account and you are logged in it will be following your every move. Make sure you add Google Analytics to your site as it can be used to provide you with lots of information.

Whilst we are talking about useful sites on the Internet then make sure you register for Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster. Both of these sites have tools that will check your website and also plenty of help and advice on best practice. I regularly visit both to keep up to date as well as finding out if I have made any mistakes that could drop me down the rankings. Lastly you need to register your sitemaps with both.


A sitemap is written in a special language “XML” which can include your pages, posts, images etc. – do not worry as there are many plugins and programs that will generate them for you. We want Google to know about all of the exciting and sexy content of our website. Google will use that as 1 way to spider your site and the more it knows about you, the more it can return in its search listings.

Let me know if there is anything you want to see in this series of SEO for photographers.

In part 4 we will start to look at the vital components of the page.

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