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SEO for Photographers Part 5 Focus Keyword

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In part 4 of SEO for Photographers I talked about the title tag, url and H1 tags.

SEO for photographers - Focus Keyword

SEO for photographers – Focus Keyword

In the picture above;

No.1 is the title tag, part of the data put in the head section but not displayed on the main page.
No.2 is the URL i.e. the location of the page and notice I have used the same phrase, but not exactly.
No.3 is H1 tag, there must be only 1 H1 tag on a page, in reality it is the on page title, again it would be better to have similar rather than the same.
No.4 is an H2 tag, a bit like a paragraph heading and you can have a number of these on a page.

You will also see the same term again at the top of the page ringed as No.5 in the following image. This is part of a feature I use called breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are a trail for people and search engines to follow.

SEO breadcrumbs

SEO breadcrumbs

SEO Focus Keyword

Now if you read on through that page you will also see that I used bold text SEO for Photographers and also Italic version of SEO for Photographers. What I am doing is placing emphasis on this keyword phrase – I am deliberately not being subtle towards Google.

Now go a stage further and count the amount of times that the keyword phrase appears on the page, I have tried to make it as natural as possible but you are looking for between 1% and 4% of the page to be your phrase. A page should ideally be 300+ words in length, so it should appear between 5 and 20 times for a 500 hundred word blog posting. Personally I would aim for about 12 times. If you go greater than 4% it could be seen as spamming. I err on the side of caution.

Have a look at this information about the Google Keyword Tool.

Automated SEO for Photographers

Now this may seem like you need to check in a lot of places, and you do. Personally I prefer to use automated tools and I will be demonstrating that in the next part. After all why work for a living when a piece of software will do it for you. Automated help for SEO for photographers.

Hidden SEO for Photographers

It is not just the keywords you can see that are important. One of the most important is in the code for images. It is called the ALT tag and is meant to be used by browsers that do not use the actual images, such as browsers for the visually impaired where the TAG would be read out. You can often see the tag if you move your mouse over an image.

A second form of hidden SEO is in comments within the page code which would look like <!–This is a comment. Comments are not displayed in the browser–> if you could see the code. Can you find the comment in the source code? Personally I do not use these as I do not know if they are now considered as spammy.

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